Poster Printing info

How, where and when do I print my poster for the Undergraduate Research Forum?

Posters will be displayed in Welch Hall. Poster frames will be provided and set up in advance. Poster frame dimensions are 4′ tall by 6′ wide. Posters can be attached using binder clips or tape (both of which will be provided).

Poster printing is provided free of charge by the college to students participating in the research forum. Students are welcome to print their own posters if they have access to alternative resources.

Poster Printing in the College of Natural Sciences (CNS):

Printing can be done at any time up until the week before the research forum. This includes if you have a conference at another time during the year and would like to print your poster at that time, for later use at the CNS research forum.

Prior to March 30, posters can be printed anytime. Beginning March 30, poster printing will be scheduled. The poster printer will run all day and student posters will be printed by appointment. To schedule an appointment, you can sign up for a time slot at the output workshop or email your printing time request to Please follow the printing instructions found at Poster Printing. You should plan to have your poster ready as early in the week as possible to ensure that it is printed with no difficulty in time for the Forum.

Other Printers

Undergraduate science students can also utilize the poster printers available in the School of Biological Sciences and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. This is restricted to only Chemistry and Biochemistry majors. The Chemistry and Biochemistry printer is located in their Instructional Media Lab, WEL 3.428 and can print up to 36″ wide. This facility is open weekdays 8-5, but students need to reserve the printer for a  1/2 hour block.


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