Teaching Points for Buffer Titration Lab

Buffer Titration                       Mentor Sheet                          2/18/2011

Teaching Points for Buffer Titration lab

They will dilute the NaOh from what they made in the first lab. If they don’t have any or don’t trust it – then they should use the Stock that the mentors have made.

•          Make sure they understand how to use  C1V1= C2V2   and that V2 includes the extra water added.

Make sure they do the calibration step and write it down

Ask them if they know why we have to calibrate things?

I would like for them to measure the starting volume of the burette as it is in the handout so that they will have to create the calculated column in Logger Pro. Last year – we just called whatever the start point ‘zero’ then the math was easier.  This time they will have something like ’53 ml’ as their starting point and have to count down as they go.

(you may want to practice this if you didn’t do it last year)

They should do the first titration run as prescribed in the handout (1ml increments – slower)

But then for the 2nd and 3rd ones they can use 2 ml increments in the beginning. But if they overshoot their curve – they should re-do it.

Remind them to take one pH data point before actually starting with the NaOH titration. This gives them the initial pH of the Tris

Be sure they switch roles as partners so that each of them gets a chance to do the burette dispensing and the computer entry.


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