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CALL FOR PAPERS: The Undergraduate Research Journal
Have you written a great paper? Think someone else would like to read it? Or reference it?

WHO: The Undergraduate Research Journal (URJ) is a student-edited, multi-disciplinary journal of undergraduate research at The University of Texas at Austin. The journal is published once per long semester and is primarily circulated within the University. Impact can reach farther than UT’s campus, however. A copy of the 2010 URJ was recently requested by and sent to Purdue University?s library.

WHAT: The URJ is looking for interesting, well-written research papers that present original ideas. Published papers give insight from original research or synthesize sources in a new and unique way.  The URJ is interested in submissions from all UT?s disciplines.

Submissions may be products of coursework, independent study, supervised research, senior theses, etc.  Past [within one year of graduation] or current full or part-time undergraduate students in good standing at the University of Texas at  Austin are invited to submit their articles to the URJ for review.

For more information about submitting, visit:

The submission deadline for the 2010-2011 school year is Friday, February 25th, 2011 at 12PM. The selection process will be completed in March of 2011. There is a $250+ award for the best paper by an upper division student and a $100+ award for the best paper by a lower division student.

Copies of the 2010 journals are in circulation! If you would like one or have any questions, please contact Monica Ghosh, editor-in-chief, at

If you would like to be on the URJ staff or selection committee, please apply here:


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