Teaching Points for Lab: PyMol 1

Mentors and TA,

Yeah – PyMol lab!

They will not do a Lab Report for this one – only the Notebook. So, emphasize that they put a lot of info in there. (ps – they need dates on each page and number on each page)

There are two sections: Warm Up exercises  and then Lab Assignment

They need to write down in their lab notebook what they do for the Warm Ups – but they don’t need pictures for that part.

For the Lab Assignment exercises – they need written description and pictures. Recommend to them that they start a WORD document on the computer – then they can write stuff and paste their pictures into the WORD document – then PRINT it out to paste into the notebook – saving them some carpal tunnel syndrome from all that writing!

ADDED: –   Computer labs can be typed but Wet labs should be hand written.

Try to emphasize that they make decent images! If they want to do multiple images per Exercise – have them label them as Fig 4a, Fig 4b, Fig 4c.  etc….

Each image needs a separate caption describing what is being shown.

Lastly, – force them to save their work often and back up all their pictures via email or UT Webspace or a jump drive.


Dr. B


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