PTP1B Expression

I have added IPTG to the 2 2L flasks in the shaker around 11:30 and they need to shake for about 4 hours. Be careful about the fat flask, I jimmy-rigged it to fit in the shaker, but I would keep an eye on it just to make sure it does not spill over. Also, there is orange tape on the flasks with all the steps I have done this morning.

Can one of the mentors spin down today and store in -20 C fridge, and take a sample (sample 1) of the culture after the four hr induction period?
Also, if someone wouldn’t mind drying the gels above the VDS cubby hole, that would be great. There is cellophane in the drawer where the drying supplies are. If someone can’t get to them, that is fine. The PTP1B expression is priority.



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  1. I worked on Wednesday, but it was busy, so I know Damir and I didn’t get to the gels. Maybe someone else did them yesterday?

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