Teaching Points for Buffer and Solutions Lab

Obviously – the buffers and solutions lab is not to hard as far as understanding concepts is concerned. The biggest things are teaching proper pipette use and proper lab safety and cleanup. Another hard thing for them is finding everything they need – it is like trying to cook in someone else’s house (you just can’t find what you need).


We need to emphasize that they do a REALLY good job on their Lab Notebook. Which means that they need a Table of Contents at the front and all the details of how they made the solutions. Also, encourage them to draw pictures – drawing of a bottle top vacuum filter, for instance.  They should turn it in at the end of lab – but I will let them turn it in the next day if we are busy and they can’t get it done.  (However, the Friday group – has to turn theirs in that same day)

The Standard Deviation is also going to be tricky. We have added that to the Pipetter calibration step at the beginning.

We will need to show them how to make their sheet on Excel for that calculation.

Also – I would recommend that they make LB first (if the autoclave is free) – so that you can autoclave it for them and they can start something else while they are waiting on it.

– Dr. B


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