Last Assay

I used HTS13290 for my inhibition assay #2 at 5mM concentration. It worked. I was so happy. The importance of this assay is that the when inhibitor is in high concentration in the solution, there’s a saturation point. Another importance is that in this assay, the highest DMSO amount was 6% and from my DMSO assay the optimal concentration was under 4% DMSO. So as more Compound with DMSO was added to solution, the increasing DMSO could have altered the fuction of the protein and gave inconsistent results of inhibition at high compound concentration.   The only thing I did differently was choose a new a inhibitor. Everything  stayed the same for the previous inhibition assay.Also, my graphs from my first inhibition assay are posted on this one as well. For the HTS13290SC, 100 ul of nanopure, 80 ul of 100% DMSO and 20 ul of Compound HTS13290SC in stock. For Compound 5145897, 126.67 of Nanopure was used with 88.67 of 100% DMSO and 38 ul. of the stock compound. The working concentration for Compound 897 was 7.5 mM and for HTS13290 it was 5 mM.

*Note- Inhibition is spelled wrong.


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  1. These graphs look so good! Good job. I think your captions are also good. I’m jealous.

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