Enzyme Assay Results

After failing once, I believe (hopefully) that my first enzyme assay worked! Initially I did not dilute the enzyme sample so I had extremely high absorbance values. Here are the results from the correct experiment…

Graphical representation of absorbance values taken from the enzyme assay on PTP1B. Overall best sample is Sample G

My plots kind of follow the trend that we discussed during lecture with the exception of the one extreme, Sample F. The sample that will be used for the Vary Substrate Assay will be Sample G.


4 Responses

  1. Candace,

    Ok – the results look good.
    For your final graph you will need to put the amount of enzyme along the x-axis (prefereably in uM concentration, less desirable is just in micro liters)

    Then the y-axis absorbance should have the wavelength at which the light is measured.

    Based on your results – I think ‘G’ is the best amount to use for when you go to the Vary Substrate assay.
    So, in all of your Vary Substrate samples you would use the same amount of enzyme.

    Once you get those results – post them and then we can decide on what substrate amount to use for the final assays.

    Dr B

    • Ok will do…I will make those changes to the graph right now and re-post it

  2. Nice enzyme assay graph! I know you worked hard on it.

  3. thanks i tried lol

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