Weekly Update

I hope everyone is having a wonderful break and is excited (much like I am) to get this last week done with. I’m sure many of you will be taking tests like I will, so good luck! As for VDS, we’re getting to the end. This past week (er, two days really) I managed to finish my DMSO tolerance assays and both of the trials for my inhibitor. Sadly, it did not seem to work 😦 Tell me what you guys think – an image of all my data is below. I also worked on my notebook for the final check and managed to analyze my data some in between bites of turkey. As for this last week, I’ll be testing another inhibitor (I’ll work out a comparative swap with one of you) and then focusing on getting my notebook together for Friday. Today, I’ll also be working on an updated version of my M&M for Dr.B that I will email to him and put up on Google Docs for you all to take a look at. I’ll see everyone in lab – best of luck in the push for home!

Oh and in case anyone was wondering, the CA7 Km that I reasoned to use was 3 (since there wasn’t an exact one on BRENDA).

DMSO Tolerance and Inhibitor 1 Data


2 Responses

  1. Damir – the graphs look good. I would recommend specifying on your average graph how many trials are represented within it. I would assume two. So you would write in your caption simply “n=2”
    Also, for the bottom right graph it shows 0.200 as the first data on the x axis – should that be the 0.00 data?

  2. I figured mine would not work as well. I will see what happens for my second trail

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