More Assay + Last Week

Well, for this last week, I will be working on my last trail for my inhibitor and then I will test another inhibitor. The first trail I did on my inhibitor did not seem to go well. When I added 6x the amount of inhibitor, it changed the ABS value at about the same rate. That made no sense, but I should have waited 5 minutes during incubation then measures the ABS, once that finished waited 5 minutes again and measured again. Instead  I tired to make them go back to back and I could not remember if I had added inhibitor or PNPA. Next, time I will go one by one. I had to add 126.67 ul of Nanopure, 88.67 ul of 100% DMSO and 38 ul of my 5145897 inhibitor. My DMSO was 3 mM and protein was sill 60 ul of the 20 ng/ul enzyme concentration. The DMSO worked best under 4 % and all the DMSO was kept below 4%.  I should have a graph up tomorrow when I  perform my last inhibitor assay trail. Watch out for the inhibition assay. If you have a time based assy, do it one at a time. Also, make sure all the solutions are kept orderly so that you can keep track of what goes into the solution. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Now its time to finish up that report and finish up the last steps of our research.

CA7 in the Brain


2 Responses

  1. What happened to your assays? Why did you say to be careful? I am doing my first one tomorrow!

  2. Be careful when mixing solutions and when doing the incubation steps, because you can lose track of which solution is which and what was mixed in it

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