DMSO Tolerance Assay

This past week I did DMSO tolerance assay. The general trend was a gradual decrease, so when I do my inhibition assay, I would most likely use very little DMSO. For trial 2, there is no data for sample H (64 ul) because the spectrophotometer (Shackleton)  stopped working. I retried it a second time but it still did not work.  This was probably because it was used for the entire day so it got too hot. I should have unplugged it and let it cool down for a few minutes before trying again but I did not think of it until after I left the lab. Despite this, the overall trend is still observable. For this week, I will do the inhibition assays using 60 ul of CA7 enzyme, 4mM of PNPA, and as little as possible of 100% DMSO.


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  1. Now you can come to the wonderful world of inhibition assay. If you have a time based assy, make sure you keep track of the time and keep track of the mixed solutions because it can get confusing

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