Why did the man freeze his money? He wanted cold, hard cash!

This week, I did my validation GOLD dock.

Both ligands lined up pretty nicely, and the RMS value was well within range. I would tell you what it is, but I forgot my lab notebook in Painter.

I ran a couple of DMSO assays and they gave me strange results.

Also, to those with PTP1B, Dr. B said:
“I think you should use 1 mM PNPP amount as your substrate.
Your values may be fluctuating because you are already at the level of
saturating with PNPP

So, 1 mM is close to the published Km for the substrate/enzyme that is

I think this will give you more success when you go to your DMSO assay.”

So, don’t use 5mM, use 1mM, PTP1B-ers Candace & Gaby!

Here is a sample of my results from my DMSO assay. They all looked pretty much like this. I decided not to make a graph because it would likely just look like a straight line. My values were way high and all centered around an absorbance of 1.9.

This coming week, I’m going to work on finding a good DMSO concentration, and running some legit enzyme assays.


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  1. Nice Validation dock

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