Journal Club 10 take home questions

Here is a link to the take home questions to be completed before next Journal Club:


Quiz questions – Instructions: Answer questions on sheet individually and turn in during class

Q1:  What disease are they trying to treat? Why is it particularly hard to target?


Q2: What is the purpose of this K* program? To get a better feel for the big picture, it is sometimes helpful to read the Conclusions section first.


Q3: What does WT stand for in the paper? e.g. in Table 1:


Q4: What does the Negative vs Positive selection mean?


Q5: In the Determination of Crystal Structure section, what type of interaction is lost when Phe92 is changed to Ile? What property or feature of F vs I would explain this loss?

Draw a diagram of F and of I.

Then circle the F92 in Fig.1


Q6: When an enzyme in bacteria mutates and loses specificity for the drug, why doesn’t it lose its specificity for the substrate too? Aren’t most drugs supposed to be really similar to the substrate?


Q7: In table 3, which mutant has the highest affinity for the substrate? What piece of evidence helps to support this?

Alternatively, in Table 4, which mutant is least affected by the inhibitor (Compound 1)?


Q8: In the M&M section –they say that out of the 10 active site residues they would mutate 2 while letting the other 8 sites change rotamers. Why not allow all 10 to be mutated?


Q9: What was the chromophore (thing that absorbs light) in their enzyme assay? What wavelength (is this in the visible or not)?


Q10: They chose MRSA – if you could choose another organism to apply this research to, what would you choose?


Q11: They don’t really do any virtual screening here. How could we apply this research to our stream?



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