Sorry I was late posting

Hey guys. IT’s been a crazy busy week with end of semester tests and papers. So I came in and did my assays that varied my enzyme, pNPP, and DMSO. My best enzyme amount was 30 uL, my best pNPP amount was 6ul. I came in yesterday and did the varying DMSO assay and I’m doing the charts and stuff on it today. I’ve already taken my plot points. But be careful if you are trying to do all 9 tubes prep work at once. I had a system going but sadly I was feeling to confidant and started going too fast. All I had left to add was DMSO before I headed over to the waterbath with the tubes and pNPP. I some how got flipped around and started putting the stuff for A,B,C, etc into the tubes for I,H,G, etc. I had to start all over 😦 But besides that I was able to work pretty efficiently. to make sure I have almost 10 minutes exactly of reaction in each tube, I would add pNPP and put a new tube in every 30 seconds. Then when the timer hit ten, I started pulling them out. Well that’s all for now. Hope you guys had a fun weekend!


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