Lots of Pictures

This past week, I dried my SDS page gel. Despite my laying the gel on TOP of the sealing gasket instead of underneath and having to rehydrate and dry my gel again, it came out in one piece.

Lane 1: 7ul Prestained protein marker #SM0671

Lane 2: 20ul Sample 1 (cell lysate after induction)

Lane 3: 20ul Sample 2 (soluble fraction)

Lane 4: 20ul Sample 3 (flow through)

Lane 5: 20ul Sample 4 (wash)

Lane 6: 20ul Sample 5 (elution 1)

Lane 7: 20ul Sample 6 (elution 2)


In lane 6, you can see one clear band which means the Ni-NTA resin successfully stripped away any junk protein, leaving only the purified protein.

In lane 7, you don’t see anything because the second elution step washes away even more protein.


Also this week, I did my first enzyme assay:


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  1. Welcome to the World of Assay’s

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