I got the assay graphs…sort of…

This was the first substrate assay I did. Notice how bumpy the lines are.

This is the second substrate assay I did. Same spectrophotometer, same time. The results look a tad bit better.













For some reason, I cannot get the enzyme graph to open in Logger Pro correctly. Luckily, I put a copy of the graph in my notebook. Dr. B, do you think I should redo my substrate assay? The 2nd one doesn’t look as terrible as the first, but there isn’t really much difference between the initial and final absorbance? Is that bad? If not, which amount should I use to do the DMSO tolerance? Also, I think I messed up my protein gel. I might have added too much loading buffer. The blue was seeping out of the bottom of the wells before I started to run the gel. Also, when I put some in, some of the samples spilled over into the next well. We will see tomorrow, but if this is incorrect, is there any way to dilute my samples before I run another gel? Thanks!


2 Responses

  1. SDS-PAGE protein gels will last a couple of week!

  2. Virtual M&M is posted! How long does protein characterization take? I am staying Tuesday, but I only have one class from 12:30-2. Can I run my gel tomorrow evening (6-8), do assays Tuesday morning, and characterization Tuesday afternoon?

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