Journal Club #8 Quiz Answers

Q1: If all of the proteins are made on one long strand, how will they be able to function within the cell?

Answer: they are cleaved during post-translational modification by the protease

Q2: Why aren’t the structural proteins good targets of Dengue infection?

Answer: They are good – maybe not as critical for replication of the virus but needed for viral fusion and entry

Q3: Where does the protease cleave the viral protein?

Answer: where the arrows are in Figure 5



Q4: For the DDD-T, why do they do two phases? What purpose does each phase serve?

Answer: virtual screening in first phase gets poses, then a top amount of these are passed on to phase two for a more rigorous SM-FEB free energy of binding calculation using Structural Mechanics. This gives a more accurate energy score which can then be used to ‘cherry pick’ the best candidates

Q5: What are the advantages and disadvantages of distributed computing to cluster computing?

Answer: shared bandwidth is low, many different operating systems and codes, cheap, easy to maintain


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